Home books styled on wooden bench with indoor plant in Olive Ticking Stripe Reversible Hessian pot plant cover on top
Shelf decor in the home
String of beans indoor plant and fiddle leaf fig styled in hessian and Olive Ticking Stripe fabric plant decor on wooden bench
Hand holding flat hessian top and olive and white stripe body reversible hessian pot plant cover, against a white wall
Hand holding flat, olive and white stripe top and hessian body, reversible hessian pot plant cover, against a white wall
Restore grace green and white reversible fabric planter on wooden bench
Olive and green stripe pot plant bag covering plastic planter pot of fiddle leaf fig on wooden bench
indoor plant with green foliage in jute and stripe reversible plant bag
Mini Pot Plant Cover Size Guide

Mini Pot Plant Cover - Olive Ticking Stripe Reversible Hessian

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The perfect Shelfie! These are the perfect size plant bags to fit on display shelves or window ledges. Plant out with your favourite succulent and you have decor magic. They are designed to adorn your ordinary plastic planter pots and add some finer detail to your home! 

These reversible hessian planter bags are made to fit straight over any standard 100mm size plastic growers pots or a great fit for the small ikea faux plants! 
They are designed to cover your plastic pots and are not designed for your indoor plants to be planted directly inside the bag. 

All of the planter bags are reversible so you can change the to fabric pattern or the hessian look as you please! A must have for the style savvy home! 

Please see below for the planter bag measurements or please see images for our sizing guide 

To fit a 100mm diameter growers pot 

Please note, due to the nature of the fabric repeat each plant bag will look different. 

Wondering how to water? If over watering your plants is a concern for you, simply place a plate or saucer inside you planter bag underneath your plastic pot. This will catch any water overflow from the plant and also hide the plate or saucer. Please note this is not a necessary step.