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Floor Cushion Cover - Farmhouse Jute

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That classic modern farmhouse charm in this stunning lightweight linen blend cushion cover. A fine linen/polyester blend gives in that subtle soft touch that comes with linen with that texture jute style look. Monochrome, earthy, simple sophistication creating balance and grounding in any space. Perfect for use as a floor cushion, as a huge bed cushion or couch cushion.

Fabric: 65% Polyester/20% Acrylic/15% Linen

Available in 55 x 55 cm with 12cm paneling / 22 x 22 inches with 5 inch paneling

We recommend 70 x 70cm / 28 x 28" inserts for our floor cushion covers. The extra size in these inserts will fill the extra space in these covers created by the side panels. 

This cushion cover is photographed with a 70 x 70cm polyfill insert.

Please see our 'sourcing inserts' page for more information and recommendations on where to source inserts for our cushion covers.