From sourcing the material, cutting, sewing or creating, through to the product you style in your home, every step of the way is carefully made and collaborated by restore grace. 

Restore grace is a small Australian business owned and run by sister-in-law duo Katrina and Nicole. In partnership for five years our small family owned business began as team of two and are now the perfect little team of five very talented makers and creators.

Sourcing fabrics from Australia and internationally our passion is to deliver high quality handmade homewares to Australia and overseas through a process designed and created by us, every single step of the way.

We curate seasonal and on trend classic contemporary collections. Surrounded by mountains, snow, bush, and the Australian southern coastal beaches, we draw inspiration from our beautiful surroundings to form our homewares collections. We draw colour palettes from the earth, sand and snow to curate an earthy, classic, comforting aesthetic. Molding those designs, tones and patterns into a product to suit the look and feel of your house that you can take home and style in your own beautiful home just the way you like it.