Seamless sofa styling!

Seamless sofa styling!

Sometimes styling a sofa (actually any space) can feel a bit overwhelming - what colours, textures, patterns would work? How many cushions? Are there too many or not enough? Throw or no throw? What size cushions? Argh, it can all be a bit much, there are so many options out there!

Here at restore grace we love cushions...can you tell!! Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered. Our collection of handmade earthy, classic contemporary cushion covers are the perfect addition to any home and style.

Room styled by Huntley+ Co
Huntley + Co have nailed this sofa with our Onyx Stripe Cushion paired with an Outback coloured cushion, drawing inspiration from the artwork and rug. Photo: Huntley+Co


Do you have a particular style in your home - modern, country, contemporary, Hamptons, Boho or anything in between? Whatever your style, it's all about the feel and joy the textures, colours and patterns bring you.


Textured and patterned cushions stacked

Cushions are a great way to transform any room in your home instantly. For effortless style, simply add cushions such as linen cushions, block cushions, patterned cushions, velvet cushions, vegan leather or corduroy cushions to add interest and wow any space.

Stunning bay window seat featured in Oak & Orange's Dream Home 6 - Master Suite styled with our combination of neutral scatter cushions.  
Photo: Oak & Orange

In our homes, our sofas are regularly styled.  We love mixing things up to suit the seasons and whatever new cushions we are crushing on at the time! 

sofa styled with outback and slate coloured cushions
Sofa styled with Orange and charcoal cushions

There are a few things to keep in mind when finding the perfect cushions not just for your couch / sofa / lounge, but anywhere:

  • Coordinate with existing decor - stick with two to three colours if you are unsure - start with neutral and build from there; 
Graphite Linen Cushion against a wall
Monochrome Cushion against a wall
  • Be bold - try block colours, like velvets and different patterns and textures. Don't be too matchy matchy and remember texture can be key. Warm, earthy toned cushions are our go to! 
Green Velvet cushion against a wall
Alpine Luxe Metallic Cushion cover against wall
  • Try a variety of shapes and sizes - square, rectangle or if you need more seating you can always throw in a floor cushion;
premium linen floor cushions matching with rug
  • Draw inspiration from a range of sources, other decor and soft furnishing items such as rugs, throws, artworks;
Cushion combination inspired by artwork
  • Make cushions look loved! We recommend filling our cushion covers with a feather insert for that soft and luxe ‘karate chopped’ look. Check out our ‘sourcing inserts’ page on where to find the perfect cushion for the most comfy, luxe look. You will want to melt into these cosy beauties - especially during winter!

There should be no pressure, there isnt a right or wrong with cushions - you do you...but to take the stress and hassle out of picking cushion covers, we’ve created the most lush handmade cushion combinations, that compliment each other seamlessly. All you need to do is purchase, fill and chop! 

Cushion combination showing textures and prints Snugly green boucle and green velvet cushions


We have introduced new curated cushion packages to help you in your home styling journey and help you to visualise which cushions work well together. We cannot pick our favourite, we want them all! Welcoming our cushion packages...

Handmade styled cushion packages

If you are needing a change in your life...start with cushions. It's super quick and a great way to add character and layering to any space. They will give you that fresh, sophisticated look to liven up and revamp an area. 

Check out the restore grace handmade collections to suit any style, or if you are after something specific, reach out to us.

Thank you! We love having you style your home with us!

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Same cushions, 2 styles!

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