Mindful Moments this Spring!

Mindful Moments this Spring!


Whether you are picnicking in style celebrating spring, enjoying some solo time, or homeschooling we have gathered the perfect mindful moments for you to enjoy.


Indulge in this glorious sun. Take a break from work and have a picnic with your partner, enjoy a wine in the sun with a good magazine or take the kids outside and enjoy an adventurous picnic.


Spend some time solo and learn or practice mediation. Take some time out for yourself. Jump on a live pilates class or spend some time journaling in the sun.


Take a break for homeschooling and bring out the board games or that puzzle you never finished. Build a cubby or have a movie night in a tent made from sheets. 



Just take a break. Try that tea at the back of your cupboard. Subscribe to that wine tasting box you keep seeing. Read a book. Watch a movie. Relax. 


Spend some time doing DIY or rearranging some furniture. Style your lounge and change up your cushions. Take the hard work out of styling with our curated cushion packages. Seamlessly styled together for the perfect fit. 


 We hope you enjoy these mindful moments wherever you are and enjoy our beautiful warmer months.

Thanks from Nicole and Katrina and the team at restore grace.

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  • Norma

    Ohhh girls,I love your cushions, style and colour combos! You must of had inspiring mothers to become so talented!

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