Coming Home, Our NEW Collection!

Coming Home, Our NEW Collection!

They say every Journey takes you home. 

The last few years have certainly been a journey for everyone. We all know what we have been through together and then there's all the things we have been through on our own. 

In small business there are twists and turns you must take every day but the last 4 years (wow) have been more challenging than ever before.

Pictured above: Highland Pot Plant Cover

Through this time we have been on such a journey through our business and we have certainly discovered more of who we are and what is important to us. 

This is what our NEW Collection ‘Coming Home’ is all about. It is about what restore grace means, who we are and how, through these experiences, we have learnt how grateful we are, more than ever, to do what we do.

Pictured above: Grasslands Cushion Cover, Anchor Stripe Cushion Cover, Mountain Check Cushion Cover.

Home is a shelter from all types of storms. Even through the hardest periods of the last few years we were able to keep going. We were able to keep producing our collections and products and keep taking one step in front of the other. We were not affected by international imports or overseas manufacturing that ceased the ability to sell in our business. It is because we produce our products right here in Country, NSW, in our own studio, that we got to keep on moving and keep our products available to you and our wonderful Australian stockists. This drove home how important it is to us to be Australian made. 

Read more about ‘Our Story’ here.

This makes us so grateful to be small business owners and so grateful for our business and what it does for us and our families. Businesses like ours mean so much to Australian families. Supporting Australian made and Australian small businesses is more important than ever.

Pictured above: Trail Cushion Cover

The ache for home lives in all of us and our ‘Coming Home’ Collection is about that feeling of comfort, safety, gratitude and warmth. We look at where we live with a little brighter eye this year. Grateful for every walking track , every visit to the beach, every picnic with friends and everything that surrounds us. We have fallen in love with the Snowy Mountains all over again and have a growing appreciation of what we have on our doorstep. 

Our collection is truly inspired by our local Alpine ranges, southern coastal beaches and Australian bushland. 

Photo Credit: Eli K @eluch

This is what ‘Coming Home’ is about to us. It is about where we live. It’s about being grateful. It’s about that feeling of comfort.  It’s about being inspired. It’s about celebrating Australia and everything it has to offer.

No matter what ‘Coming Home’ means to you, we all need a little something that makes us feel grateful and reminds us of the good things. 

It just feels like ‘Coming Home’.

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