Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter

"Easter is the only time when it is perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket." - Evan Esar

Easter has always been a holiday we have celebrated as a family.

However lately I seem to want to take more advantage of any holiday and take more opportunities to spend time with friends and family.

This year we also celebrated Easter at restore grace, and lucky we did as I think this will be the only chance we get to have hot cross buns this year for Easter with them being sold out in the Snowy Mountains!

Serious problems, I know! Don't our Pot Plant Covers make the perfect Hot Cross bun basket! They have so many other uses and we think they look so cute celebrating with us!

Pictured above: Rust Linen Pot Plant Cover

Luckily we were incredibly fortunate with the weather and picked a beautiful day to have a bush picnic with the girls.

We, as many other parts of the country, have had so much rain lately and with so much of the land being completely soaked in it was incredible that we got the chance to celebrate before the bad weather set in!

Pictured above: Vegan Leather Tan Floor Cushion Cover

Recently we released a New Collection ‘Coming Home’ and we had a big Photoshoot to do. We decided that our shoot location would be the perfect setting to also have our picnic. So after a huge morning carrying shelves and all of our products into the bush and a few outfit changes we finally relaxed and sat down with a cuppa, one of our Floor Cushions and a hot cross bun to celebrate Easter together. 

Pictured above: Banana Palms Outdoor Cushion Cover

Forever grateful for where we live and our beautiful surroundings, it is always so nice to take some time out of work with your colleagues and just have some time to be together, and for us away from our sewing machines and to do lists!

Pictured above: Vegan Leather Camel Floor Cushion Cover

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from the team at restore grace. However you get to celebrate this year, we hope that it’s safe, relaxing and filled with chocolate, and we want you to eat a hot cross bun or two for us!

Enjoy your Easter!

Nicole & Katrina & the team at restore grace. 



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